Welcome to the website of the Khaniko Rose dog kennel officially registered in the FCI system!

Registration number in FCI - 24020
Dog breeds - Shiba and Hokkaido
Breeder - Kirill Khanzhin
Location - Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

All our dogs are tested for health and psyche, and also have a beautiful exterior and excellent temperament. This is usually confirmed by expert assessments and titles, we constantly exhibit dogs at exhibitions.
An important point for us when breeding, along with cultivating external beauty and pedigree, is to ensure a balanced psyche, without aggression, for future litters.

All dogs, including puppies, are vaccinated and treated against parasites by age.

Puppies at the time of sale have a full set of documents.

Attention! By purchasing a puppy in the Khaniko Rose kennel, you let a new member, a friend, a source of mutual happiness into your life and family! But at the same time, you accept responsibility for him! We welcome everyone who consciously approaches the purchase of a dog and we are ready to provide comprehensive support. Let's be friends!

Phone +7 960 177 94 82
Viber, WA, Tg +7 9999 22 01 56
Instagram @khanikorose